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Leaving for Toronto for the weekend this afternoon, mostly to spend money, get away, and see an old friend of ours from school.
I got a real fat paycheque yesterday, I expect about half of which can be spent frivolously upon vinyl toys and clothes, should I want. Exciting!
The Boy's parents are taking us, putting us up in a fancy hotel and taking us to dinner and stuff. A nice family-shopping getaway!

Other than that, not much news 'round here.
Lots of work, lots of money, Ethan Haas was Alpha Omega, and ducks are actually born of dead rabbits.
That's all!
I hate you and the OTP you like!

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I am super lonely.
Had plans to see Eagle vs. Shark tonight, because I love Flight of the Conchords and it's supposed to be really funny, but my plans fell through and I'm not up to going to see it all alone.
The Boy's not home for another few hours, just in time for me to be ready for sleeping.
Isn't that silly?
I have been chastised in the past for being lonely even though I have a boyfriend, but that seems like an absurd argument, because sometimes he is not here and sometimes your friends are not available and that is allowed to be sad.
So I will use my pouty icon (I don't know your OTP, btw, but I do know that I HATE IT) and watch Cold Case Files.
Bill Kurtis knows how to cheer a girl up.

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Am about to leave for Bayshore, because they now have a store there that sells tokidoki!
Apparently they sell purses and things, and I am way too excited to go and see what they've got. Not that I need to spend any more money, but yes, yes I do.

One doesn't make tribute to the spirits of the economy with savings accounts and interest, after all.
Or perhaps one does. Economy monks, maybe.
But I am not an economy monk.

Anyway, The Boy owes me some money for the Wii anyway, so think of it as being a free purse or something, right?
I hope they have pirata print. Or something good!

This post has no purpose.

Also: Harry Potter rocked the house.
Voldemort in a suit is for the sex.
Dr Who

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Feeling really...blank?
Now that I have posted my Dr. Who icon I really want to watch Dr. Who!
I super want the Season 1 & 2 boxed sets, the first of which is a TARDIS that unfolds and therefore is bigger on the inside than on the outside!
I thought that was just exceedingly clever.
But also...exceedingly expensive, I should think.

So we went out to see a sneak preview of Ratatouille, courtesy of Mercury and a generous and spontaneous Cedric! It was actually really fabulous, really really funny. I was very pleasantly surprised, and it is totally worth seeing. Then Jordan, Kristin, Tom, Andrea, Ryan, Suzanne, Leslie, Simon, Josh and I went downtown to the Royal Oak for some drinks and good times. And good times it was, except that I felt kind of icky and sick when I got home, but probably from too little to eat than from too much to drink.

Also I start back on days on Monday, as well as Tom and Rio! This is exciting news! Nights really aren't what they used to be, even with Jesse, Adam, and Louis, whom I will miss dearly. All the new people make it kind of seem like college? Kind of weird? I don't know, it's just not the same. Getting up at 5 will be hard, but worth it! Totally worth it!

We met Steph and Randall downtown last night on tvhe way to the bar, and I told her she had to Facebook me when they get Qees and vinyl toys in. You, Ama, have to make sure she does so! :P
Speaking of vinyl toys, whilst Tom and I were browsing the forums on a lazy Friday afternoon, I totally impulse bought Touma's Boo in pink with 'O' eyes which I thought was just adorable.
And my tokidoki stuff (pins and a necklace) will be arriving at work on Monday (with a ridiculous customs charge), so I am super excited about that as well. Also a hat and two shirts (but not on Monday)! Whew /tokidoki junkie.
Patrick Wolf ties

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Picked up the new Patrick Wolf album today...kind of picky with my computer's CD player, but appears to be working now...I hope it is fabulous, but I have no doubt that it will be.'s totally my CD burner. I think I can hear its death throes as I write this...poor thing.

Not too much new around old Ottawa this week. Went out last Friday with Jordan and some other guys (and girls) from work and beyond at the Royal Oak on Bank, fun times. Apparently Andrea and Darren are in a relationship now, according to Facebook, alright too.

Also got my ring back from the jewelers, all tiny and fixed and ridiculously shiny. It's a different colour than when I gave it in, that's how old and worn it was. I was really surprised, it looks fabulous and perfect and I am very excited to stage an excuse to wear it.

This summer the stores are full of adorable 50s housewife dresses, of which I already have two. I am totally going to get more, and after I get in my new tokidoki bag that will probably max out my ranks in Adorable. Also, going to get my cartilage at the top of my ear pierced sometime soon. Also exciting, because it's been a while. It occurs to me that wearing my headphones for a few weeks would be less than pleasant or convenient, but maybe my small ones will reach my computer.

Not much new at work, pretty much keeping my head down to keep working, taking a few scenes of animation here and there and helping Kyle out with anything he needs done in the meantime. Courtney comes back next week and will need her desk back...I'm not sure what I'll do after that, but until then (well, two days until then...) I will animate and get paid my lovely salary to do so.

Pretty much nothing else new, just laying low, updating our DnD wiki (which I got paid to do for a while during the time Kyle had nothing for me to do and had me hooked up to real internet at work), and playing DnD. Which is fabulous, as always.
Bless my Nippers!

How terribly exciting!
Will be difficult to post about all the stuff I got for Christmas, like DvDs and money and all that good stuff, in light of a fantastically exciting yesterday.
Spent all day playing DnD with the boys (no need to gush about how great that was), then came home to receive my Christmas present from The Boy, which was a mysterious "can't move it up to the farm" but "very movable" gift of some sort.
It was a snake!
A pretty, shiny, orange and red baby cornsnake, complete with all the fixings to make him a little home in our bedroom. We have not named him yet, but I'm sure we'll come up with something good. He's a boy snake, so if anyone's got any superb ideas...
Anyway, the lady at the store said to let him bond with us first before introducing him to anyone else, so you kids will have to be content with pictures for a little while until he gets used to us!
He is our new friend.
Jasper Morello

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Feeling a lot better now, Christmas shopping's done, and am about an hour away from leaving to go out of town to spend Christmas with Josh's dad and co.
Looking forward to going, now that the time is here, and had a lovely day yesterday, first out for breakfast with my family, then over to the Batcave to spend all day watching Buffy and Angel with Ama. A sweet time was had by all (hopefully!) and now I'm feeling more festive.

Though, to be perfectly frank, I think I may be looking forward to the marathon DnD session on Wednesday more than Christmas itself. /geek

Have a lovely couple of days, boys and girls.
See you in a few.
Jasper Morello Clockwork


So these are the pre-holiday stresses all the "adults" always talk about?
I can't believe they're real.
This is the first holiday that hasn't really felt like Christmas.
Two things don't help:
A: There's no snow and it's like 10 degrees out there, and
B: I'm not going home to my parents' for Christmas.
That's probably contributing, for sure.
Everything's just been brutal, and my mum and I kind of got into it on the phone tonight, because I was upset, and I was taking it out on things related to her, and she just e-mailed me the nicest e-mail ever and now I'm all upset again and it's so ridiculous and I can't believe I'm not looking forward to Christmas.
This blows.
But at least my stressed mood is hilariously captured by a cartoon character, which of course makes me feel as ridiculous as he looks. Which is good.
Now back to cleaning up.
Shocking, I know.
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